Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Minecraft Update!

Minecraft 1.5 Beta was recently released and a few interesting things were added to the game:

* Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
* Statistics
* Achievements
* Detector rail
* Booster rail
* Performance improvements

The weather effects are a very nice improvement that make the world seem more alive and real. It will periodically rain, snow, or storm adding nice visuals and sound.

A statistics page has been added in game that keeps tracks of a whole manner of things like time played, distance walked, jumps, items dropped, and more! This is great for seeing just how addicted to Minecraft you are. However, since statistics were just implemented past playtimes are not recorded.
The game also keeps track of blocks and items, counting the number of times you have crafted, used, mined, and depleted them.
An achievement system has been added to the game and so far it is pretty horrible I must say. I'm not a huge fan of achievements and it frustrates me a bit that game developers lately have become so obsessed with them. The first wave of Minecraft achievements are completely horrible, they are not achievements at all! Hopefully the next wave will be much better or Minecraft achievements will be just as pointless as most other game achievements.

Here is the full list of Minecraft Achievements in game as of 1.5, I got most of them in a few minutes:
   *Press tab to open your inventory
   *Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out
   *Craft a workbench
   *Craft a wooden sword
   *Craft a wooden pick
   *Craft a better pick
   *Craft a wooden hoe
   *Kill a monster
   *Harvest some leather (kill a cow)
   *"Fly a pig off a cliff" (this is the only cool achievement, put a saddle on a pig and have it walk off a cliff)
   * Bake bread
   *Bake a cake
   *Craft a furnace
   *Catch and cook a fish
   *Smelt Iron
   *Ride a minecart 1 kilometer (slightly ok achievement)
Yay I made a stone pick, I feel so achieved...not.
I will give Notch credit for the nice achievement "tree" though, I like the design.
Booster rails and detector rails are both very nice additions for those that love to tinker with minecart systems. Detector rails serve as pressure plates in track form and booster rails power minecarts ahead without the hassle of ugly and big booster attachments.


  1. Awesome they added weather, it gives the game a whole new atmosphere!

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  3. oncw i get money this is the first game im going to buy

  4. adding weather is a major improvement. for sure. I like this blog and i plan on following daily. commenting and clicking .. if you do the same i'll repeat daily. promise. have a amazing day!!!!!

  5. Ha, i'm glad i stopped playing minecraft before i got really addicted. gotta say tho, the booster rails look pretty sexy

  6. I really gotta get into this! It looks amazing

  7. I thought minecraft was gonna die soon, but it keeps getting updates, amazing!

  8. Liking the achievements and the weather adddons, very nice update indeed.

  9. When are they going to implement goals? Like, go kill the minecraft king, or something?

  10. crap my server has been down for so long =(

    @trelin: they have chosen to NOT make goals specifically.

  11. nice.. you got a new follower!

  12. Dude thanks for the post I'll follow up