Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Starcraft 2 Custom Map: Aiur Chef

Recently Blizzard released three new official custom maps for Starcraft 2; the first, and silliest, one I will talk about is Aiur Chef. To play Aiur Chef go to the multiplayer section of then go to join game under custom maps. It will bring up a list of custom maps which look like this, the three new official maps are on top.
To play you will have to download the map but it downloaded in about a minute for me. The game will match you with 7 other players then its game on! In the game you control a zealot (with a stylin' chef's hat) with a fixed camera perspective. The goal is to run around the map and collect ingredients to complete one of the three recipes offered that round. Ingredients can be found around the map and some require you to kill things like roaches, ghosts, cows, or high templar. Every round has a feature ingredient that is required for all recipes. You can die and if you do you will respawn in the middle and drop all of your ingredients.

Once you gather enough ingredients for a recipe you run back to the center of the map and it will complete, awarding you points and sometimes a special ability. Two of the main abilities I received were blink and warp prison which can be used to trap enemy players. Each round lasts 6 minutes. At the end of the third round the player with the most points wins.
As you can see in this screenshot all the recipes for that round are displayed as well as their rewards and the mini map shows the locations of all the ingredients. 

Overall it was quite fun and the voice acting in between rounds was hilarious. "The feature ingredient for this round is....RAINBOWZZZZ!11!1111!" It's not somthing I would play regularly but its a good bit of fun and worth checking out. Also zealots in chef's hats are amazing!
If you wanna see some actual gameplay footage Totalbiscuit did a video on Aiur Chef that covers everything pretty well. I'll be covering the other 2 new custom maps in the following days.


  1. looks like a cool map!

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  4. I play zeals frenzy alot, its fun!

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  7. Nice! I need to get a computer that can smoothly run StartCraft II.

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