Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jinx Aquires Minecraft License!

Recently, a supplier of gamer and geek clothing items, launched a set of officially licensed Minecraft shirts and announced their plans to continue the creation of Minecraft merchandise. As far as I'm aware this is the first officially licensed by Notch Minecraft clothing which indicates a big step for the game. It means Notch is looking to expand Minecraft and make even more money off of it which in the end is good for us! The more money Minecraft makes the more effort Notch can / will put into it's development, at least I hope.
So those of you that are willing to express your inner geek and/or love of Minecraft in public rejoice! The rest of you just be glad that Notch is doing well, he deserves it for creating such a great game. Jinx even has an offer going right now where if you buy three or more shirts you get $5 off each, which makes it about $15 a shirt. Jinx is a great company and I'm glad that they are the ones that got the Minecraft license.

My personal favorite of the shirts that I will probably pick up is the creeper one.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Krazy_Kow's Floating Citadel

On my Minecraft server Krazy_Kow built himself a huge floating netherrock citadel with the assistance of me and Chris, so here is a look at this massive floating structure.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Daily Blink's Updated Guild Finder Tool!

In 4.1 Blizzard is introducing their own looking for guild tool to help players find guilds, however, as you can see it is very lacking which may prove problematic:
Let's face it, Blizzard's tool is pathetic and no serious guilds will use it; so our friends at The Daily Blink have finished the guild finder for Blizz and posted a screenshot of their, far superior, guild finder tool!
As a raider that has experienced many different guilds I must say that this tool is fairly accurate and Blizzard should implement it immediately!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome Valor Point Changes Incoming In WoW

In the upcoming 4.1 patch the valor point system will be receiving a very nice change. Currently, players receive 70 points for completing the first random heroic five man dungeon they do in a day; this means that a player must log in everyday and do a heroic if they wish to acquire the maximum amount of points to buy gear with. This can be quite a pain because some days I, and many others, just don't have any time to play. Anybody like that will be delighted with the upcoming changes!

In 4.1 players will receive 70 valor points for the first seven heroics they complete each week. This means that if you have a ton of time to play one day you could quite possibly get a guild group together, blaze through some heroics, and be done for the rest of the week! This is a great change that allows players more freedom of choice. For me this is especially good as some days I just don't feel like playing WoW but I feel I must in order to not fall behind in the gear race.
Creepy tiki mask in the revamped Zul'Gurub
In addition to this change Blizzard announced something pretty interesting; the new heroics, revamped Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, will be considered tier 2 heroics. Not only do they drop better gear but completing them rewards 140 valor points, double that of tier 1 heroics. This means that if a player runs ZG and ZA seven times a weak they can get a maximum of 980 valor points in a week! This doesn't "stack" with tier 1 heroics though, players can only receive valors from seven heroics in a week.
Be prepared to fight this guy, over and over and over.
My only concern here, besides the whole raid level gear being more easily accessible from 5 mans problem, is that currently there are only two "tier 2" heroics, ZA and ZG. This means that players wanting the maximum valor points will be doing these two over and over and over with no variety. Hopefully in 4.2 more tier two dungeons will be added to ease the monotony a bit.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Minecraft Clay Making Machine

Something you could build with all that clay.
I had a few people asked me about the clay maker mentioned in a previous post so here is a quick guide on how to make one. Here is what it looks like, it's a very simple design.
Place the water spring in the back so it flows towards you, the pressure plates in the front are there to stop the water from advancing any further. To use it place a gravel block directly in front of the pressure plate, it will touch the water and turn to clay instantly.
Now stand on the pressure plate and destroy the clay block, the water current will push the clay into you to be collected! Now rinse and repeat and you can turn all of your gravel into clay!
This machine is very useful as it turns plentiful and nearly useless gravel into clay which can be used to make brick. I also like it's very simple design that requires few materials.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blizzard is Printing More Money!

We all knew it would happen again, the question was not if, it was when, and that time has come. Last year Blizzard introduced, for the first time ever, an in game mount for all of your characters that was purchasable for 25 dollars. It was the celestial steed and God it had to be the ugliest, re-skinned piece of crap I've ever seen:
However, the playerbase proved their willingness to spend real life money on ugly in game mounts; if you will believe it Blizzard was making 500,000 dollars an hour for the first four to five hours. That huge pile of cash for a mount that essentially was the Algalon skin strapped onto the Invincible model. Of course they would do it again! They had to!

Recently mmo-champion datamined some screenshots of a flying lion thing and there was speculation of what it would be. Now Blizzard has released an official screenshot of it and said that it will be the next mount added to their store; it will probably cost $25 bucks like the star pony.
First I'd like to say that this mount looks way better than the star pony, at least they put some effort into it this time. I still won't be buying it though as I don't believe paying for in game items in a subscription based game is worth my money. But, I respect people's right to use their money however they see fit and Blizzard's right to do this as long as they don't start giving in game advantages through the store. And I'm sure thousands upon thousands of people will buy it and Blizzard will effectively print another truckload of money.

So I pose a question to you readers, would you pay $25 for an in game mount in a subscription based game and do you believe that it is "right" or "ok" for Blizzard to use development time on premium content only available to those that pay more?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Slightly Off Topic Music Post!

Just a few days ago Machinae Supremacy released a new video for their song, Force Feedback. I LOVE them and think they are an amazing band and figured I'd share their new video here; it is still slightly on topic because of the song's great meaning. It has to do with the many different incursions into the gaming and internet world by governments and other parties. I've included the powerful lyrics below as well.
Force Feedback - Machinae Supremacy

Take a look across this vast uncharted battlefield
You still don't know your enemy
A bunch of pissed off freaks with infinite mad skillz
And a new found taste for blood

We made this life
You have no place here
No right

This is the world you're in
And this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
Your walled-in existence in space

We are like sleepers we hide in plain sight
If you can't see you cannot fight
This is the war between our culture and your laws
With millions born into the cause

Now we're taking it back
You don't believe me?

This is the world you're in
And this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
Your walled-in existence in space

[Female vocals:]
I don't think you understand
These are our shores and our land
You are a stranger here
And we won't be idle as you interfere

[Spoken Japanese - female]
"You don't want to understand our reality is free here
koko de jiyuu no genjitsu o rikaishiteinai you da na
We are not your servants
watashitachi wa shimobe de wa naku
This place doesn't belong to you
koko wa omaetachi no ryouiki de wa nai
We are an assembly of countless individuals
watashitachi wa kazoekirenai kurai no koko no shuugou
You should be aware
keikokusareta deshou
If you intrude upon our lives
watashitachi no ikikata o jama suru nara
You'll have to face an unimaginable enemy
souzou o zessuru you na teki ni tachimukau
Prepare yourself"

This is the world you're in
And this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
Your walled-in existence in space

Sure you already know
That your age was long ago
We augment reality online
And you hail from ancient times

This is the world you're in
And this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
Your walled-in existence in space

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Home on the Sincraft Server

In this followup to my long post discussing the Singaming Minecraft multiplayer server I'll show you guys my group's work in progress home on the server. Also, if any of you are getting tired of the massive amount of Minecraft stuff recently I've got some non Minecraft posts planned this week, so stay tuned!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Singaming Minecraft Server

You guys may have noticed the influx of Minecraft posts lately; that is because I have been playing a lot of Minecraft in my spare time recently. The reason for this is that I found a great multiplayer server with a cool community on it. Following is a pretty in depth look at Sincraft!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Gerudoku Minecraft Texture Pack

Recently I checked out several texture packs because I was bored of the normal Minecraft textures; Gerudoku's has to be my favorite out of all of the ones I tried. It is an amazingly themed and complete texture pack.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Minecraft Clocktower

People seem to like the stuff me and my friends have built in Minecraft so I'll continue posting them; this is Chris's clock-tower that took him a couple days to build and then another to fix when Ryan TNT'd it. The random wood track is just our tram system that links all major creations together.
This is the main inside room and the stairs go up to several levels with some small rooms. There isn't much in the rooms however.
This is a view from the very top of the tower that looks out across our world; from here you can see a bunch of our creations some of which I may feature here in the future.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magicka Vietnam

Arrowhead Studios has announced the first major DLC for their intuitive game Magicka, which if you do already own, I highly recommend you buy; hell it's only ten bucks and is loads of fun especially with friends. The original Magicka was set in a midevil period but the Magicka team, sticking to their wild and crazy side, have done a complete 180 by setting the DLC in...Vietnam! My guess is that they will use Vlad's time traveling powers to tie it into the story somehow.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a wizard in Vietnam this game is for you! Check out the official trailer:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Minecraft Prison

On my Minecraft server I built a prison, partially for fun and partially for locking people up if I want; just demote the person to the prisoner rank and teleport them in! So here's a look at my prison.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Firelands Information Released!

Recently mmo-champion posted a Firelands preview with a bunch of pictures; Firelands will be the next raid instance and the second tier of raiding in Cataclysm. There will be seven bosses including Fandral Staghelm, former archdruid of Darnassus; Alysra, a green dragon; and of course Ragnaros the Firelord. In addition to the raid there will also be a new daily quest zone for more rep grinding, yay!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Archon Toilet

I've seen this amazing trick pulled off more frequently recently and still many people do not know what it is; the archon toilet will destroy a pop capped army in 2-3 seconds if done correctly and it only requires some archons, a mothershop, and maybe some psi storms for added effect. Even if you aren't protoss you should know about this to make sure you don't let it happen.

If you want to go for a toilet build a mothership first and warp some of your high templar into 4-5 archons; then move out with your entire army keeping the mothership and archons in the back so they do not get sniped early. Try to catch your opponent's army when they are clustered up and drop a vortex in the middle of them. Hopefully the majority of their army gets sucked into the vortex and the stragglers get picked off.
An opponent's gut reaction is to run into the vortex so that the part of their army not caught in it doesn't get mowed down on their own, but if you are going for a toilet this is exactly what you want. Charge all of your archons into the vortex and position your high templar in a spot where they can drop storms on top of the vortex. As soon as the vortex fades drop some storms on it, they aren't necessary as the archons do a pretty good job of murdering everything but they help.
Presto, all that is left of your opponent's 200/200 army is a bunch of blood. I've watched replays of diamond and even master league players losing a game to this technique; it is amazing how fast the food count drops in a split second. So if you are playing against a mothership and you see archons, run away from the vortex for the love of God don't seek safety within it!

If you are wondering why this works it is in face quite simple. Archons have an area of effect attack that will hit all units within a small distance of their target. The vortex sucks all units together into a tight ball on the same exact spot. So for a second after the vortex breaks all the units inside are right on top of eachother allowing the archons to hit everything at once. The storms are there to finish off weakend units. Here is a short youtube video I found of the toilet but you do not need nearly as many archons as that guy had, around 4 will suffice in most cases. 

Here is another of some battlecruisers getting obliterated.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty Cool Minecraft Church

So as I was checking out random Minecraft multiplayer servers today and I found this awesome creation in one and thought I'd share it. If you want some fun just check out random servers found on Some people have gone really crazy in Minecraft to make some spectacular things.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mojang (Minecraft Developer) Announces New Game!

Recently on his blog Notch announced the other game his company has been working on for a while, Scrolls, which will soon be released for alpha testing. Don't expect anything as groundbreaking and new as Minecraft but it certainly looks interesting with plenty of original elements.

The game mixes elements of collectible card games, board games, and strategy games to create something awesome. There really isn't much information at all about the game but by analyzing the page a few things can be revealed. The description mentions exploring a world and destroying the evil within hinting at an open, explorable, RPG like world. Combat seems to be based around summoning monsters using collectible cards and casting spells granted by scrolls; mixing and matching different cards and scrolls to create a powerful force seems to be the main strategic element of the game.
Exactly how combat pans out confuses me slightly. One of the example cards states that all cards next to it are healed at the beginning of the owners turn hinting at a turn based setup; however, the article also mentions outmaneuvering your opponent and using siege weapons to tear through defenses so it doesn't just appear to be a simple turn based card game. I'm looking forward to them creating a unique hybrid combat system.

Mojang also looks to be shooting for a competitive scene for this game; online battles and a ranked laddering system are mentioned as well as "quick, small sized tournaments to world championships!" They are certainly shooting for the stars with this game and if they could achieve even a fraction of the success with this game as they have Minecraft then they will be very well off indeed!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New (Possibly) Legendary Staff Datamined By Mmo-Champion!

Disclaimer: all of the following information has been data-mined by mmo-champion and may or may not final, true, or correct. Boubouille says that anyone using this info to scream OMGOMGOMG legendary on official forums will be tracked down and punched in the face.

So Blizzard said the first legendary for Cataclysm would be a caster staff and it looks like they delivered on that; this is the first caster dps legendary since vanilla so casters rejoice! The picture above shows it's three stages so it looks like it will start off epic and be upgraded several times to become legendary.

To start off you will need to collect 25 Living Ember which appears to be the new primordial saronite, meaning it will drop off of bosses in the new raid; then you must combine the ember with three sands of time which cost 3000g each from a vendor. No more quests after that one have been datamined but one assumes the killing of raid bosses will be required to get the staff to it's third, legendary, stage. No word as of yet if heroic kills will be required or not. Personally I hope that players must kill bosses on heroic to get the final staff as legendaries should be legendary.

Here is a video showing the staff:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Back So Here's Some WoW News

Hello everybody I'm back from my trip so the daily posts will pick up once again, this one will just be a bunch of interesting WoW news that has built up in my absence.