Friday, April 15, 2011

Chris Has Been Busy...

It's been a while since I played on the Sincraft server so I'm a bit behind on events there. My friend Chris still plays there and asked me to come check out his new area and holy crap he has been really busy. In this post I'll show off the ground level of his huge castle. Above is the main entrance to the ground area.

Here's a small living area inside the middle building.
The bank is on the right and the greenhouse is on the left, he modeled this castle after the one I built on the Sincraft server.
Down at the bottom of his bank is his protected nether portal which I seemed to be able to hear from anyplace in the castle which is pretty creepy, the noise disturbs me.
In my next post I'll show off his above ground developing sky-city. For now I'll treat you with this little preview of a part of it.