Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chris's Sky City

So yesterday I showed you the ground level of Chris's castle and this preview of the sky portion; today I'll take a full look at the sky city.

Here is the staircase leading up to it.
Once you are up there he has some nice fountains and a tree growing in the center.
Each of the four corners has a building with some bookcases and chairs.
There is quite a nice view from up here as well. You can see far off in all directions.
Chris got mad because right on the edge of his territory some guy put up a tower overlooking the castle. Chris said he was destroying it but the guy told a mod and now the tower is protected, heh.
I spotted this huge stadium like thing off in the distance and it intrigued me; I'll take a look at it and feature it in a future blog post. I saw a guy working on it so it is still in construction.


  1. Wow I'm thinking of getting Minecraft now because of this amazing city. What I like about this game is you can put so much detail into your work, it's an art, you can create things beyond your imagination :D

  2. wow, looks impressive, must've taken long time to build

  3. Oh sheesh, I though you showed us the whole thing yesterday. This is awesome!

  4. Awesome map. Thanks for sharing.

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