Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changes to WoW's Vote to Kick System

There have been lots of complaints concerning the vote to kick system in dungeon groups; a new hotfix recently came out that fixes some problems but also creates another. Here are the "fixes:"

  • If a party member remains outside of a dungeon for more than 3 minutes, they become eligible for removal, regardless of other Vote Kick restrictions.
  • When players queue as a group with a tank or a healer, and the tank or healer drops group (or is kicked) within the first 5 minutes, all of the other players who queued with them are removed from the group as well.
  • If there is a group of 3 or more friends and someone in that group initiates a Vote Kick of a random party member, it now requires 4 votes to kick the player, instead of the standard 3 votes.
  • The penalty for using the Vote Kick feature too often is not issued to a player who kicks someone with whom they queued for a dungeon (i.e. the party member being selected for removal is not a player randomly selected via the Dungeon Finder).
  • The penalty for using the Vote Kick feature too often will be issued much more quickly to players who join as a party of 4 and kick the randomly selected 5th player.
  • The penalty for using the Vote Kick feature too often will now not allow the player to initiate a Vote Kick for 2 hours, up from 45 minutes.
The first one is great, it fixes the problem of people griefing or just holding the group up so they can finish one more daily.The second is there because, tanks especially, were selling fast ques to dps then dropping group to make some quick cash which was annoying as it held up the other people who legitimately waited out their que. The third change is where problems can arise, if a group of 3 ques and its placed with a group of 2 the 2 can do whatever they want and are immune to kicking. Also it removes majority rule which, in my opinion, should stand in dungeon groups; yes it sucks that groups of 3 are obnoxious sometimes but in my experience it doesn't happen all that often, especially with the penalties for using the kick feature too much.

Fourth change is nice I suppose but it won't effect much, the only time I can remember kicking somebody I grouped with was as a joke and we invited him right back. The last two are tricky to say much on and since I haven't actually pugged anything in the dungeon finder since Wrath (thank god) I can't come up with much of an argument for or against. I will say though that being unable to kick a troll / griefer / ninja / imbecile from your group because of the time restriction is very annoying. I remember in Wrath me and my friends would resort to trolling somebody out of the group, and it worked pretty well sometimes =D.

That's all for today sorry for the late post and no post yesterday; I've been a bit busy recently but I plan to have a good post up everyday this coming week, hopefully a bit earlier too.


  1. Very interesting. It's good to see that they're setting some of this straight.

  2. I've never played WOW, maybe I'll try it someday

  3. I should start playing someday. :)

  4. Vote to kick?!?! How long has it been since i've played... You're making me want to play >.>

  5. Take some time to relax once in a while. Don't be busy all the time!

  6. i should start playing bro
    following and supporting

  7. sounds like some good fixes, i need to get back to wow.