Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Nuke as Zerg!

And that's not all, there is so much more that you can do with this awesome thing that Blizzard put into the game that many people are not aware about. All you need is an infestor with neural parasite researched; find a way to neural parasite an SCV that is out of position, mabye one that is out scouting, moving from one expansion to another, or just one from a successfully attacked expansion. Now once the little guy is under your control order him to build a commend center, this will cost you minerals but is definitely worth it. Keep chain neural parasiting him until the command center is finished. If your opponent is smart he will move in to try and save or kill the SCV stopping you, so defend it all all costs!
Once it is done just kill off the SCV, lift the command center off, and drop it somewhere safe. Hell you can drop it at a mineral patch and expand there if you want. You pretty much have a terran army under your command now, all SCVs produced at the CC will be completely under your comtrol, use them to harvest minerals and build things for you! Be aware that all this costs you minerals and supply, but it is well worth it!
Now you can produce whatever terran unit you want, think battlecruisers will compliment your brood lords? Go for it! Having trouble defending your hatcheries? Throw some siege tanks down at them! My favorite has to be ghosts though because nukes are just so damn fun, and the last thing a terran player expects a zerg to do is nuke him! Just build some ghosts and drop some NUCLEAR FRICKEN BOMBS!
Is it the most effective strategy? No, but it sure is fun; a great way to screw with people. And who doesn't love nuclear armaments?


  1. And yet another thing I hadn't thought of using the Infestors for. Kind of funny since they removed the Dark Archons so players couldn't do this.

  2. If you could pull this off in a league game, it would be insanity!

  3. Has anybody ever heard of a real rabid moose? That would be scary. :)